Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The THAC V series electric wire rope hoists are high quality, reliable hoists that combine tried and tested methods of construction with innovative design features. Taiwan Hoist and Crane (THAC) designed the v series electric wire rope hoist from the ground up which has enabled them to ensure that their hoists meet the high standards our customers expect.

The hoists are built in THAC’s Taoyuan factory in Taiwan to the highest standards. 

The V series comes in a wide variety of specifications to suit most applications.

  • lift capacity varies from 1.5 ton to 100 ton
  • lifting height ranges from 6 to 12 metres for lower capacity hoists to 12 to 18m for larger hoists
  • Hoists are available in single and inverter speed models
  • low and normal headroom options are available
  • 40% to 60% ED is available

The V series hoists feature

  • low vibration hoisting motor with in-built cooling fan
  • 3 stage helical gear box
  • electromagnetic disk brake with asbestos-free brake lining
  • limit switches in every range of movement
  • anti-drop safety latch on bottom block
  • high fatigue-strength rope
  • protective rope guide made out of high tensile plastic
  • emergency stop as standard

3ARM provides high quality hoists from THAC. These cranes are safe and reliable with a wide range of accessories available to ensure that they meet any lifting needs. Taiwan Hoist and Crane make world class crane bridges and outfit them with high quality hoists and components. All the parts are made in one of three factories in Taiwan by well trained and certified workers.