THAC Electric Chain Hoist

THAC produces high quality, intuitive chain hoists to suit a wide variety of lifting applications. From low headroom to single and double phase hoists, THAC builds price competitive high quality electric chain hoists that will easily fulfil almost any lifting application.

USS/USK Series

  • advanced magnetic cone brake
  • Chain guide
  • Heavy duty motor
  • Canvas and Steel chain containers available
  • Friction clutch to prevent overwinding (USK only)
  • single and dual speed available
  • 0.5 to 20 ton capacity

LT Series – Low Headroom

  • Designed specifically for applications with height restrictions
  • integrated low headroom electric trolley
  • magnetic cone brake
  • adjustable trolley to suit I and H beams in varying widths
  • 1 to 5 ton capacity

3ARM provides high quality hoists from THAC. These cranes are safe and reliable with a wide range of accessories available to ensure that they meet any lifting needs. Taiwan Hoist and Crane make world class crane bridges and outfit them with high quality hoists and components. All electric chain hoist parts are made in one of three factories in Taiwan by well trained and certified workers.